Dr. Steve Hobbs -- Licensed Psychologist



Most of us have either been depressed or know someone well who has been depressed. Depression can be triggered by a major loss—of a marriage, of a loved one, of a job. It can also occur because of some other major trauma or overwhelming stress of some kind.

Depression can vary in intensity. When moderate it can affect functioning at work or at home, and diminish the capacity to take pleasure in life. When severe it can be crippling, resulting in hopelessness and despair.

Depression is not a sign of weakness. Some people have a genetic or biochemical vulnerability to it. Bright, competent, and empathic people can be most at risk.

For 25 years I have worked successfully with clients to help them manage and overcome depression. I provide a safe, supportive environment to discuss their experience and feelings (shame and embarrassment may have forced them to keep those feelings inside).

I offer effective strategies to promote a lift in mood and in positive thoughts that can loosen the grip that depression holds. I work closely with clients, offering hope and reassurance that they will recover and return to their best selves, depression-free.

Sometimes medication prescribed by a physician can be useful in combination with therapy to regain health and provide safeguards preventing its return.

With the approval of the client I can provide guidance to partners and spouses so that they can better understand depression and its impact, thus assisting them to promote recovery in their loved ones.